About us

Bayside Interiors, Inc. (BSI) was founded in 1984 by co-owners Burke Nicholson and Larry Lohman. Their goal was to focus on tenant improvement construction in the Bay Area. In 1992, Burke Nicholson became the sole owner of BSI after Larry Lohman decided to pursue other opportunities. Burke’s son Michael joined the company in 1990 as an Estimator and Project Manager after spending 10 years working for drywall manufacturers. Burke’s stepson Steven began his career with BSI in 1988 as a journeyman taper and carpenter before he joined the office in 1992 as an Estimator and Project Manager. Business grew steadily over the years and Michael and Steven were promoted to co-Presidents in 1998. In 2001 BSI’s services began to diversify with the addition of acoustical ceilings and painting to their product lines. In 2002, BSI invested in a start-up company overseen by President Tim Hogan called Bayside Metals Systems. This division offered strut framing, architectural metals, and access flooring to the Bay Area market. Fueled by Tim’s expertise and over 16 years of experience in the construction field, the new company quickly grew into a major sub contractor. In 2006 both companies merged together under the name BSI with new owners Steven Rivera CEO, Tim Hogan President, and Michael Nicholson COO.

Bayside Interiors provides a full range of commercial interiors construction services.


  • Became “Tenant Improvement” specialists (e.g., first-of-its-kind metal-stud load-bearing job)
  • 2003 reduced “Safety Mod” rating from 1.08 to .67

Community Involvement:

  • Abused Women’s Shelters & Assistance
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Support general contractors’ charities including:

Goals for Improvement

  • Implement Corporate Infrastructure
  • Improve Internal Controls
  • Cultivate New Relationships With Clients
  • Monitor Growth while analyzing expanding markets